Spies! Astromice! Sauce!
Behold your regular pile of links, now with bonus cheesemongering content.
This time with considerably more dead lizard

February 2023

Hyperlinks, unexplained sounds and weird noises
Ooh I’ve just discovered you can add footnotes. Can’t imagine how that would become in any way insufferable.
Another pile of hyperlinks, primarily of interest to stationery, architecture and Sandra Dickinson enthusiasts.

January 2023

The first Meanwhile of the year! No, I didn’t forget I had a newsletter, you forgot I had a newsletter.
I’ve completely forgotten how to newsletter and apparently newsletter is a verb now.

December 2022

Another hyperlink extravaganza, typed with frozen fingers over a hot cup of cocoa. No pictures or numbers this week, just stuff, purest stuff.

November 2022

In which I report back from a little jaunt to That London.
Another round of inbox hyperlink shenanigans to distract you from that thing you need to do.
1 — George Eksts’ new book Reverses is a wonderfully alternative look at the V&A’s collection of works on paper, showing the marks, damage, fragments of…