I’ve been sending out Meanwhile for a few years now, but it has been, to say the least, a tad intermittent. It takes time and effort to put these emails together, and they often get back-burnered in favour of the work piling up on my desk. I want to keep it going though, so I’ve decided to make this more of an official regular thing, part of the day job, top of the pile. In short: I’m introducing paid subscriptions with exclusive content.

Here’s how it works: subscriptions are $5 a month, or $50 year. About the same as a big coffee. Paying subscribers get Meanwhile every week, everyone else once or twice a month. Also, Substack turns the archive into a sort-of-blog, with community features like commenting opened up to subscribers (i.e. no trolls or anonymous weirdos), so I’m hoping each edition will spark some interesting discussions.

Paying for emails isn’t for everyone, I get that. But speaking to readers in the past, I know some of you really value the inspirational kick up the bum that Meanwhile provides, so hopefully this move isn’t a completely absurd proposition. It’s basically down to how much hyperlink action you think you can cope with.

To stay free, do nothing, you’re already on the mailing list. If you want to upgrade to a paid subscription, hit the thing: