In the catacombs of Skoob

Stan Stan – Always worth a visit, Coudal’s ongoing pile of links about Stanley Kubrick. There goes the rest of your day. 

Same Same – Can’t wait to get my mitts on the first novel by pianist/designer/author Peter Mendelsund. According to the New York Times, It’s a “substantial book about emptiness” that “exposes the hollow core of the global big ideas industry”. Sounds jolly.

On thin ice – I attended the launch of Thin Ice Press, a common press reproduction and letterpress housed at the University of York. It was fantastic and just a tiny bit terrifying. 

What’s your type? – Sarah Hyndman on type psychology, why fonts are emotional and finding your perfect type.

Mapping London’s best independent bookshops – Here’s a book-crawl waiting to happen, a great way to explore the city. You could lose a whole day in the catacombs of Skoob (which sounds like a lost Choose Your Own Adventurebook).

All about my father – Edwin Heathcote on inheriting and confronting a lifetime’s collection of books, “which started off on those purpose-built shelves in clear classifications had multiplied to the point where their abundance itself became chaos, not a manifestation of the desire for clarity and synthesis but a representation of the disorder itself, of the inevitability of loss and entropy”. 

Confessions of a letterhead – Steven Heller on the subset of ephemera collectors fantastical about printed letterheads. And now I really want to design my own. Not that I will ever use it. 

Will AI ever be able to write a good song? – Nick Cave on the questionable potential of computer-generated art and the power of human limitation. 

The film machine –  a thing I wrote a few years ago that mirrors Cave’s piece but in the context of the film industry. In summary: questionable potential be damned, if it’s cheaper, it’ll happen.

Inside – Jordan Wannemacher talks to Spine about designing the interior of David J. Helfand’s A Survival Guide to the Misinformation Age. Covers get all the design love, but it’d be great if insides, backs and spines of things got more coverage. 

Oooooooo – Usborne’s The World of the Unknown books were the crown jewels of every children’s library in the eighties. This petition just might convince them to publish new editions. Fingers crossed.

It’s raining newsletters – Craig Mod on email, the oldest networked publishing platform around, and the benefits of doing … this. 

That is all.